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Strategic Collaboration
Builders & Developers

To ensure a successful outcome of your development, you need a collaborative approach with experienced and dedicated partners. At Blender Realty, we lend our expertise in residential development with our deep knowledge of the local market, floor plan designs, and material selections to provide a seamless and beneficial experience for you, the builder. Together we can work together to ensure you have the best designs, home features, and correct pricing to ensure your community is a success.

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Joining Forces in Your Area

We partner with developers in Macomb, Wayne, and Oakland County, Michigan. Contact us today to learn more.

Areas We Serve
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New Construction Communities in the Detroit Metro Area

New residential developments are capital-intensive, time-consuming ventures that require considerable planning. Plus, the market is ever-changing. Customers are searching for a world-class experience — from the sales processes, building, completion, and every moment in between. Luckily, at Blender Realty, we partner with award-winning developers like you to offer just that.

In fact, we have extensive experience in single and multi-family new construction marketing and sales. With our proven track record, we increase traffic and apply expert sales skills to close the transaction.

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No Dream is Too Big!

The home building industry has notoriously been dominated by men.

Not much has changed in the past decade, and Anita Blender thought it was time!

Anita, owner/broker of Blender Realty, has 25 years of experience in all facets of residential real estate. Her boutique real estate company offers a variety of services: marketing and sales to home builders, counseling on investment properties and buy/sell on existing homes. Anita started her career as a leasing agent for Village Green Management Co. and worked her way up to launching her own specialty realty company.

Her advice for young women who aspire to own their own company: “If you dream it, you can achieve it.”

Maximizing Impact

Services For New Home Builders

Competitive Analysis

Make informed decisions during your residential development project by gathering and analyzing key data metrics and market trends.

Marketing Strategies

Marketing technology is constantly evolving. We keep our finger on the pulse and utilize a variety of marketing strategies including: Eblasts, Text outreach, Google AdWords, Zillow, and much more!

Results Driven Sales

Our seasoned team has had extensive sales training. We uncover the clients “needs and wants” and demonstrate sales acumen to close the deal.

Assess Your Competitors &
Gain An Edge in the Market

Stay ahead of the game in this fast-paced, dynamic real estate industry. By partnering with Blender Realty, we can help you analyze the competition and identify opportunities for improvement within your residential development property. We’ll review floor plans to ensure you’re providing the best layout possible for buyers, as well as how you can position yourself against other developers in the area. Additionally, we’ll provide you with extensive real estate metrics so you’re constantly in the know about industry trends, market shifts, and more.

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Navigate Change & Target
the Proper Audience

Effective marketing strategies are essential for success in today’s competitive real estate market. Whether it be tangible advertising like brochures and fliers or online engagement via social media and websites, Blender Realty is here to help. We’ll develop in-depth marketing plans that focus on analyzing your target audience, identifying key messaging, and setting clear objectives. Furthermore, we’ll assist with customer retention by handling your customer relationship management (CRM) duties. With these offerings and more, you can boost your business without having to worry about the details.

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Boost Your Revenue & Turn
Leads Into Conversions

Increasing traffic and driving sales requires an adaptable approach. One crucial aspect is implementing effective pricing that is not only competitive but profitable. Blender Realty can help you do just that and more. We’ll continuously prospect, market, and promote your development to realtors and the community—generating awareness and interest. Moreover, we’ll set up sales centers to welcome potential buyers and showcase the stunning features and benefits of your new development. By integrating these strategies and working with a team you can trust, you’ll increase sales quickly and effectively.

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Trust Your Local Expert

Our Work With Previous Developments Speaks for Itself

Blender Realty has proudly served in marketing and sales roles for a number of companies in and out of the state of Michigan. A few of the companies we work closely with include:

  • Brandt Building Company
  • Wyndham Realty
  • Tadian Homes
  • Uniland Corp.
  • Grandview Building
  • Boji Home Builders
  • Bluerock Real Estate

30+ Years of Real Estate Experience

Not only have we sold multi-family homes, apartments, and condos, but we’ve completed entire neighborhoods from the ground up!

Dedicated Efforts For Shared Success

We’re determined to build long-term growth and profitability for all of our residential development partnerships.

High Standard Success Rates

We’ve worked with many developers to create their unique sales proposition, drive traffic, pre-qualify prospects and close sales.

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Collaborate and Grow with Blender Realty

Blender Realty is a full-service marketing and sales real estate company. We provide builders with the best marketing plans and results driven sales professionals in Southeastern Michigan. By working with residential development companies such as yours, we can create a working relationship that benefits both parties. We will provide you with extensive marketing and sales support along with continuously keeping a pulse on market conditions.

If you’re ready to focus on building, let the professionals at Blender Realty implement and manage your day-to-day marketing and sales operations.

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